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Juice Carafes (3)

Iridescent Juice Carafes, 3 available

Holds approx. 48 oz each

$6/each or $15/set of 3

Product Code: DRI001

Pitchers DRI002.jpg

Drink Pitcher (2)

Iridescent Pitchers, 2 available

Holds approx. 84 oz each

$8/each or $14/pair

Product Code: DRI002

Dispenser DRI003

Large Beverage Dispenser (1)

Acrylic clear dispenser, 1 available

Holds 2.5 gallons


Product Code: DRI003

Flutes DRI004_edited.jpg

Champagne Flutes (20)

Glass Champagne Flutes, 20 available

$2/each or $35/set of 20

Product Code: DRI004


Coupe Glass Set (17)

Glass Coupe Set, 17 available

$1/each or $15/set of 17

Product Code: DRI011

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